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tv   [untitled]    March 5, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PST

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no offense to my colleges friends but if you're eating a meal and you're hearing those sound as you're getting ready to eat a burger or chirps you should give thought to we're careful about what we put-down many the packages for students i'm glad we're careful maybe the lesson of the package is not one and a we necessarily want to give to the kids beyond our doors what ends up is in the packages is very unhewitt so maybe in taken care of e teaching kids the company of a table with the dishes is not super practical but something we may be want to strive for it would be useful so, anyway thank you for your time
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(clapping.) thank you, mr. david son questions or comments from the commission commissioner wynns. >> thank you all for being here and your years and years of service that is skoeshl to us i want to reiterate even though it shouldn't be necessary but the thing i'm most proud we that of healthy food of a structural strategy in san francisco this is about student achievement and that is about success in life so i want to thank all the staff for other work they've done on the issued and look forward to carefully looking at the new policy proposals even though it was mention the development was awareness policy but record we had awareness policy in san francisco before the federal government required that every school district have awareness
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policy so in this case what is important about the first it is about the policy led to healthier informed and higher achievement all the things we know this is about so you know, i want to say thank you from all of us to all of you, we can't do this without community partnership and participation i want to thank everyone that served on the committee that had different needs when we start out from the beginning thank you. >> and commissioner fewer thank you for coming together with the nutritional guidelines i think the board should review this carefully and we could be in violation of many of the recommendations of the guidelines we need to actually look at ourselves as board members to follow some of those
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guidelines on school district property and thank you for bringing this to our students and families and staff as well thank you very much. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> yeah. so you for this i am happy to see that i ago what a ms. fewer to make sure that all of this is being abated but we hope to have your support and one question for the board is what are the next steps in the sense how can we as a full board give input to you on it and broader process whether the school community or different community organizations can move forward and give feedback or is that done in the phase of it both what can he do and what's
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next. >> well, it's really in the hands of district staff but it will building advanced together through the subcommittees you'll assign it to and the computing input from ourselves and the boarding public will happen through the. >> ms. fewer. >> i request it be reviewed it will be great to get student feedback. >> i have a question last year this was an dense active project sponsor with the food bang p in rethinking our lunch rooms how is that influencing some of the work. >> i'm looking for over and over la you know we stayed to the degree we tried to be focused on the
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school food environment to the degree that staff has they're really leading all this work on the future dinging experience so again, this is really being led by the staff and to the degree it is in the wellness policy it will be that's an item to look for the support for that really prelims of the vision especially we know that it is really important to actually have kids have the environments they need to promote the eating habits it's about the lines and how things are presented i agree this is an opportunity to make sure is it so integrated. >> superintendent. >> you know that many of you have been doing this work for
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many, many years i really appreciate the comments of commissioner wynns we talk about this as something we/have to do and the difference in san francisco for decades has billions rotunda we see the nougs education of our students as a integral part of a lifestyle of education we look at the data with type 2 diabetes and heart disease so if we're able to set our students on a path to good nutrition and healthy experience no matter where they live and who their parents are or their circumstances to commissioner wynns credit we're fulfilling our mission we can't do that
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without our community the funding to invest in our children is not sufficient in terms of the funding we receive to invest in our children it takes the community to really also embrace that eco as part of the community we can't do this without you and we're critically tied to social justice for our children i want to thank our second district pta you a may or may not know at national level the ptas insisted a food program and fought for that and we're continuing to do them proud thank you you'll u. >> for your support this makes a difference in the lives of our children (clapping.) thank you very much for your services. >> the next item on the agenda is f public comment on content
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items. >> commissioner shamann walton i have two appointment to make. >> let's go ahead and take the appointment now commissioner walton. >> so to the bev have you community council jack and maryanne melgar. >> thank you very much commissioner. >> if i may was this the wellness item and shouldn't that be? yeah but don't we move into - >> we haven't gotten there.
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>> this is a report and action will be taken under item 20 next will be public comment on content items oh yes. i'm sorry student delegates on the previous food and fitness. >> thank you commissioner president murase last night at our fac meeting we proved the wellness policy so two kids we need to go more in depth by going into more meetings and have the sf that can help us to project that. >> thank you, very much. >> we also just got the whole proposal? the first time for action we look forward to read the whole thing and really getting into it. >> thank you very much
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next item on the agenda is public comment and content items none and g the consent calendar i need a is there a motion and a second. >> moved and seconded that i items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendant. >> yes. commissioner president murase we are r have two withdrawn 4a on pages 130 and 31 and 452 k-3 should be marked non-retroactive and changed on pages one hundred thirty and 31. >> any items removed for first items by the board and any served by the board seeing none roll call will take place under section o. >> item h is superintendent
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proposal none together and item i the board members proposal the item has been moved and second we'll have the amended versions in support of energy and water conservation in the san francisco unified school district copy is in your folder and may i have a report from the building and grounds committee that ms. fewer. >> they met yesterday and gave it a positive recommendations to the board with should amendments that the commissioners will see in your packet only amendments that just mention that we would like to see a plan and how the goals are going to be met and also the plan will be presented to the board no matter december 31st, 2015 thank you very much next is reading of the reds by
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the committee. >> support of energy and water in the san francisco unified school district whereas the san francisco unified school district robs that one, the greatest challenges of the time to make investment it simultaneously help the eco and whereas the schools are important consumers of generates and waste to the larger environmental and water pollution and habitat and whereas this district sterndz spend financial resources on energy and water and whereas the challenges to run the buildings and use the natural resources more efficient and whereas the school buildings teach the children about water and physical and mechanic system and air equality and whereas the board of education of the san francisco unified school district has passed a recessing
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resolution in sustainability and the green school construction and whereas in the district they've reduced the electricity used by 2 point some percentage and water by 2.5 percent over the past years and whereas in 2013 the district saved 2. thousand dollars plus producing the utility as part of the shires program and whereas the sf utilities commission and sf department of the environment to conserve water by the sustainability of the initiative whereas the teachers and parent and students and staff and volunteers have felony to help with the conservation of the incur and teacher teach the kids
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therefore, be it resolved that the board of education san francisco unified school district requests the sustainability office create a plan to promote the following elements in the policeman that supports the cost savings and sustainability strongest goals to they'll strife to meet the reduction 20 percent in reduction bid 2020 and energy 90 thirty in water reduction and 20 percent reduction in water accumulation by 2020 and skipping ahead a bit therefore, be it resolved that the plan will be presented to the board no matter december authenticating 2015. >> thank you there are no public speaker for this item i said that staff is available to answer detailed questions. >> any questions or comments
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if there are no one roll call vote. >> okay. >> ms. sonata. >> mr. chin and as amended by the way ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns. >> and dr. murase. >> 6 i's. >> thank you very much and thank you to the mr. haney and ms. mendoza-mcdonnell the next is j request to speak general matters a lengthy list i'll be limiting public comments to one minute i'll be reading names in group as people if we could hold the applause to the end we'll hear from more speakers on the item of 8th's grade algebra
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(calling names) if i could please come up and press the button. >> yes. one minute per person. >> press the button. >> again commissioner president murase and commissioners and superintendent carranza i'm alison collin in the last week i've heard about parent reinstating the honors in our middle school as someone that taught forlism 20 years in and out of the district and a parent of two children i've heard something that has made me concerned bhoi experience when we have a two tier system kids get tracked into low-level
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classes a two-track system is boys no matter what is fair the schools have ended up 106r9 the students by in case and parent educational level a child's baurgsd shouldn't determine their future the education policy shouldn't help some at the accept of other i'm so proud that this district and want to make sure it stays that way. >> mr. collin. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you commissioner president murase i believe the next 3 speakers want to yield time to me i request respectfully they do thank you would the parent to show support for the restoring the 8th grade
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element education please stand up thank you, thank you my name is annette president commissioner and deputy director superintendent and student i'm asking you to modify the mask gratification that was adapted by adding on option for an accelerated pathway called the 3 into 2 option it is expressing contemplated in the common core state standards it is an option that brings the 9th grade algebra one categorize into the 7 and 8 grade by having the 7th grade half of the eight grade at&t half of the remaining math and the amount bra one the reason that parents all over san francisco and more than 5 hundred and 80 san francisco parent signed the petition in support of this option the
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reason that parents all over san francisco wish this option is that our high achieving math students risked constitutionally risk being left behind under the current provocation the one one-size-fits-all approach didn't recognize the real differences and math capacity in students all over the city and parent all over the city support this visitacion valley the mission and bayview and sunset i'll be delivering to the board competing complete lists of the codes of the parent that signed the petition you'll see that parent all over the city support reorganizing algebra in the eight grade as an option where do we stand relate to other backward and forward school
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districts we're the only bay area school district it didn't allow progression is an jose and oakland two to one in the eight grade and saratoga all over the bay area mill valley and north, south, east all but west that's us half the presentation progression in middle school why have we alone among the district where we sit in the center of technical innovation and have the greatest opportunity especially to advance high achieving girls in stem careers where we sit and evaporate for our high achieving girls to see women in technical crazy and decide to pursue that why are we
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alone holding them back respectfully i ask you to consider this option to put that on your agenda to take apartment comments it's adorable part of the common core standards there are textbooks that are out there supporting the 2 in 3 options and the middle school teachers have been teaching many of the new algebra standards in eight grade and in many ways this is less disruptive than the existing common core progression and not risk affiliating our students we should support in the san francisco unified school district i grew up in southern ohio in a small town on the wrong side of the river i remember to public schools for 20 years including my college
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education i worked hard and worked every day to get here i can provide more for my kids i believe in public schools and we can't feel we're sdaunl actively disengageing our students relative to the surrounding community. >> thank you, very much. ms. harvest. >> hold the applause for people speaking i will ask again hold our applause will be many, many speakers we'll to hear from all of them monday there will be a curriculum committee meeting 0 at 6 o'clock on this sequence
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you're welcome back to this room to speak about this invitation from the staff let's see i want to read the list of speakers if there are a students they come to the front they have homework to do (calling names) so if there are a students among this list come to the podium it is not if your name has been called line up by the pronounced i want to limit 9 discussion to
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15 minutes please be respectful to the people at the end of the list if you don't need to use your entire minute it can used by someone else please approach the microphone for comments now one minute. >> again day commissioners and board members thank you for letting me speak my voice as a concerned parent i for a looked at have believed in the power and necessity of public education in the state and country for the democratic ideas my mother was an administrator of the public schools and my daughter was in public schools i've been a proud member of the
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pat that another i'm very, very concerned about the lack of algebra being in middle school it is very important to give all the students and all our children within san francisco the same opportunities for success in the next generation of technologycareers he can see and without going into calculus and all bra please reconsider those motions. >> do you want to identify yourselves. >> i'm bryan carlyle. >> hi, i'm julie robert a parent of two and here to support the district strategy in algebra i think first hand the tracking is not as a kid i went to a monthly latino high school it took me about a month to get
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into honors math at the same time my husband was an english language learn my friends in regular classes they said they were 1250ud vendors i got a great education in a protecting neighborhood i support the district for agree bra for all eight graders and not setting up a separate class this doesn't present the concept to all students we're not following what the surrounding areas we're trying to support the differentiation and encourage the district to invest in professional development for that strategy successful. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my name is establishing a parent of two kids as daniel
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webster longshoremen i'm the proud drought you feel who teachers and brought computer to my little town in kentucky i had wrath grade algebra in rural pennsylvania i can't conceive of a place more entitled to have eight grade algebra with the opportunities of science and math and technology curriculum in san francisco we're the technology of technology industry when i told people at work where was was going tonight they are in absolute shock all the techs working in the field there are supporting a lot of the business and industry in our area they're in shock we need to think long
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and hard about this distribution thank you. >> (clapping) if you the next speaker could come. >> i'm a parent of two prospective kindergartener you're doing a disservice to students from protecting families in san francisco many of those kids are fully capable of x kelly n many magnets a lot of those kids education is their ticket out of poster by not providing them that all bra in eight grade and the opportunity for them that are ready you're not setting you them up to take into consideration call includes in high school and those taking calculus are on track to go into technology field all of their
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peers will have had algebra going go engineering and science and math and computer programming field thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm deb what i ramon are a an sfusd parent and former career public serpt i was a physics major green under graduate having two years of california includes was important for engineering and computer science not a requirement at any california college but the kids that go on to do those things have them under in their belt the ones that doesn't dropped out that if you haven't take place two years of college math you'll not been able to keep up at the colleges
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public schools children shouldn't be denied those opportunities that the urban children are having i don't see a purpose i reject the decot no one is tracking the 0 population tracking the kids i said what that that is. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm john a personality of a second grader at daniel webster and teach on after school math club i was shocked about the news of that particular program i am a math guy i took two cohorts the honor school and the school i guess their model is dlaefd and cliblgd on the pro